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Escape Room Experience The Trillick Trilogy

Each of our locations features an Escape the Room game, and each has a piece of the overarching story about a mad scientist's machine. Check it out here

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Cafe Eat, Drink, Game

Enjoy refreshments including craft sodas, milkshakes and coffee. We proudly serve Moschetti Coffee from Vallejo, CA. Hungry? Try our delicious paninis, quesadillas, sausage rolls, and mulitas. Make it a Meal Deal and we'll throw in soda and chips. We also have candy to satisfy that sweet tooth. Or better yet, throw that Reese's into a milkshake as well as a shot or two of espresso.

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Organized Events Not just another shop

We don't just sell games, we encourage play! Join us for Friday Night Magic draft tournaments, Deception Nights where we play Werewolf-like games, or Adventurer's League and learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons with a friendly group of experienced roleplayers. If you have an idea for an event or want to host one, let us know! Visit our Facebook Page for our list of events.

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